Llandudno B and B

Croeso! We wish to extend a friendly Welsh welcome and invite you to consider our popular bed and breakfast in Llandudno as your home away from home when visiting North Wales.

Llandudno B and B is the internet home of Morgan House, a luxury bed and breakfast in Llandudno, North Wales. Her Victorian architecture has been lovingly preserved, her interior luxuriously decorated, and she sits in the very heart of town amid quiet, tree-lined streets, and a short and easy walk to all Llandudno attractions.

Morgan House is our pride and joy and we delight in maintaining what we believe is the quintessential b n b in Llandudno. No greater pleasure comes from treating our guests to a happy and memorable stay in an idyllic Llandudno home. It is a time-honored tradition, after all. Llandudno, “The Queen of the Welsh resorts,” has been a favourite holiday destination since the reign of Queen Alexandrina Victoria. Guest homes are a part of the local landscape, a part of the local tradition, a fixture no less loved than The Great Orme, our two miles of sand-covered beaches, the Irish Sea that laps the shores. We love our home. We hope you will love it, too.

Whether you are visiting Llandudno for a short weekend break, a fun-filled family holiday, or a long and peaceful retreat, choosing the perfect place to hang your hat is an important decision. Oftentimes, this will be your first visit to Llandudno and, with no experience of local guest homes, you must resort to scouring the internet. To make your life easier, we have designed Llandudno B and B in such as way that gives you a virtual experience of Morgan House.

Discover Morgan House

When you walk along the virtual hallways of our Llandudno bed and breakfast, the “Discover” section, you will learn many interesting facts about Morgan House.

Stepping into her “About Us” page, you will be introduced to her owners, her history, and the fascinating details of her present.

In the neighbouring page, “Facilities,” you will discover why Morgan House is able to cater to all the wants and needs of her guests.

The breakfast room is through the first door on your right: entitled “Breakfast Menu.” Here, you can take a seat, a virtual sip of fresh orange juice or an invigorating gulp of freshly-ground coffee, and leaf through our much-loved breakfast menu. A full Welsh breakfast, made entirely from fresh local produce, awaits you each morning. A vegetarian and chilled selection is also a popular choice.

As you approach the next door, marked “Media Tour,” you will notice flickering light from beneath the door, the sound of classical music dancing in your ears. We encourage you to enter and sink into a comfortable armchair. Rest awhile. Watch videos and photographic slideshows of Morgan House and of her beautiful Llandudno. Some of the videos are walking tours and take you from the front door of Morgan House and all the way, on foot, to a popular destination.

Those armchairs are invested with a curious ability: many a guest has been lulled to sleep within minutes. Before nodding off, we urge you to head across the hallway to the door marked “Guest Reviews.” It leads into the garden. Here, you will encounter many of our guests; a happy and friendly bunch they are, too. If you have a moment, you can settle into a chair and listen to what they have to say. They love to talk about Morgan House.

By this time, the sun will soon be descending; one can almost imagine it perched like a slice of lemon on the furthest iron railings of Llandudno Pier. So! Two more rooms to go and then a relaxing retreat to the bedrooms.

Ensconced near the entrance is the reception. Sat behind her desk will be your charming host, a lovely lady called Victoria. You can contact us here and, most importantly, take a look at our map. It shows you our exact location and even gives you detailed driving instructions from your door to ours; after all, virtual Morgan House is fun, but the real thing is better!

The sun will soon be setting at this point in the tour and, I imagine, your legs will be tired out. If you stroll along the hallway from reception, three doors on your right is the first bedroom. If you listen closely, the pillows will likely be calling.

Relax in your Bedroom

We have three bedrooms, all of which are en-suite: one on the ground floor, for guests who would find the stairs a struggle, and two on the first floor. Each room benefits from tasteful décor, peaceful quiet, a wealth of amenities, and a daily housemaid service to ensure all is spotless and fresh. It is so important to feel comfortable and at home when on holiday. Rest is also important; especially in Llandudno. Llandudno is the largest seaside resort in Wales and, for those guests who want to explore, having a bedroom to effectively recharge the batteries is a must.

By this stage of your tour, the sun will have descended behind the Irish Sea. A vague spangling of yellow and orange light may be minutely visible on the watery horizon. Bed will most certainly be calling. Bed and Pillows alike. Take your time, though, and choose your favourite room; each one is different and special in its own way.

Room one sleeps two in a comfortable king-size bed and, through it’s windows, offers charming views of the garden. Beside the windows are two Victorian armchairs; the perfect location for a spot of reading or a nap.

Room Two sleeps four guests and, with its king-size bed and two singles, is ideal for a family. Sweep back the curtains of a morning and marvel at a vista that stretches as far as Llandudno Promenade.

Room Three, our penthouse suite, sleeps two and the views are no less beautiful than those of our other rooms. Draw back your curtains at night and count a million stars twinkling above Llandudno below. See as far as the orange orbs sewn into the promenade, see further, see boat lights that bob merrily among their reflected, celestial cousins.

We can resume our virtual tour in the morning. Sleep well!

Explore Llandudno

Llandudno is the leading Welsh seaside resort and a mecca for tourism these past two hundred years. It is a town unlike most others in the world. It is a town that lives to welcome and charm its guests. Two miles of sand-covered beach sweep from its smaller peninsula to its larger, the Great Orme. Impeccably preserved Victorian architecture lends a traditional, old-world feel, and its myriad attractions, both old and modern, provide entertainment for all who may visit. Whether you seek a relaxing weekend break in Llandudno, a more lengthy peaceful stay, or a fun-filled family adventure, we can proudly recommend our Welsh town. She has something for everyone and your memories will be as magical as your destination.

By this time, your tour of Morgan House on Llandudno B and B will almost be complete. When your virtual breakfast has digested, we encourage you to explore the final selection of pages. A good bed and breakfast is really only one ingredient to the perfect holiday. The world beyond its doors is the icing!

When you have a moment, stroll across to our room marked “Llandudno Attractions.” Inside, you will find so many tourist guides that sometimes closing the door is a problem. In fact, when opening the door, guides often burst out and flit past the ears!

The final two pages can be found across the hallway and to the left: “Events in Llandudno” and “Llandudno Weather.” Something is happening every day of the week. Musical festivals. Theatrical productions. Parades and displays. If Llandudno were a person, she would need a holiday herself – a week or two to relax!

It has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you. I will let you explore Llandudno B and B now, though, and wherever you decide to stay, and whenever you decide to stay, may your travels be safe, happy, and memorable!